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Dołączył: 23 Maj 2007
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Wysłany: 2007-05-24, 21:23   Witam  

Witam wszystkich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na poiczątku chciałem podziękować wszystkim za zarejestrowanie sie na tej stronce
W tej kategorii będziemy pisać posty na temat problemów i opinii związanych ze stronką

Zapraszam wszystkichi Pozdrawiam

Administrator!!! :)


Dołączył: 18 Mar 2009
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Wysłany: 2009-03-18, 05:07     

Tension busy year has passed this way. Preganglionic always feel that the time had been very slow,
really festive another time passes, the twinkling of an eye on is beginning to work.
wow power leveling,
Sometimes really feel the tired, I really do not know if people really want to experience this life how difficult frustrations can all is well. Sometimes I was very upset, many reasons,
,from many aspects in life, so long for the kind of rural life in particular, picturesque. North Korea hear birdsong, Xi sunset sunset tours. Eager to listen to crickets and Higurashi grass, like the twilight children playing in the backs of cattle leisurely pleasant. There are reed Dang River in the setting of a pair of wild ducks and birds unknown in the ,maple story mesos,switchgrass on singing. This reminds me of my hometown.
I remember when I go to the stream behind Dyke fish, as always in the days after the rain or when skip class. Often will be thrown into a muddy, because the mother‘s fear of punishment but only in the dark until the call in the mother anxious to go home. In that small farmers warm homes, the mother is always wearing aprons hands together in the mouth, loud my name until they see me, then look into a touch of kindness instant smile , holding my dirty little hands, mouth gently with the chatter, the eyes are full of love. At the time,
I can say is the most happiness. maple story mesos,
Because of geographical location, the village has always been very convenient to eat fish, mothers often have to eat in when told his father, "hey, no dishes at home." Will be quietly picked up his father‘s fishing nets and led her sister came home and I only twenty or thirty meters of river.extensive mountain stands in the dark blue of the river bank, the foot of the hill is the dense forest. Shade trees, the river southclear. A leaf boat the ripple in the lake,
groups of waterbirdsgroup.maple story mesos, Because it is in the summer season, the water temperature high, the fish are large numbers posted on the surface of the mouth, the cheerful amusement, and fatherat this time, the radio networkaccurate enclosures up, and then slowly but surely dragged ashore, all the fish indiscriminately crowhop, and a roll of the soil. I am with his sister to the bucket up with each other, with the rough all the way in his father‘s funeral home. At this time the mother would be very early in the yard of a small branch from wok, pot is a ring of three-legged teams up formwork,WOW Power leveling, formwork children under the wood shelf,oil, to a garden Lane picked severaland parsley, cook a good pot add water to clean up the fish next to the pot, and then scoop a bowl of special soybean farmers cover pot, fill juh. Only a moment, then filled with a thick fish-flavored small courtyard of the farmhouse.set up a family sitting, small rice, Jiang fish sauce, coriander.
Well, that smell on the brim of the opening to the moment of time I will never forget, then warm, then no worry. WOW Power leveling,
Today, the home of distant mountains and I, I by a non-life of a child, off to become a middle-aged. Wife, mother, shouldering too many responsibilities and obligations. Also cried and laughed too. When all of the loss and happy have become less important, all the. Life left to me,remember who‘s fault, aside from their own things too far. City tense and busy life, I willin tight spare time, holding a cup of green tea,stand, looking from afar. In the north-east of the sea, in that distant sea, WOW Power leveling,the mountains in the hill village, there is a ripe old age of my father‘s health, there areI am so tired of hand-foot-brother and sister are healthy, there have been The mother passed away.
This year‘s Spring Festival, hurried past, away from home in recent days it has been.
WOW Power leveling,
a cup of green tea


Dołączył: 07 Cze 2010
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Wysłany: 2010-06-07, 04:00     

The body's internal clock helps to regulate a water-storing hormone so that nightly dehydration or trips to the toilet are not the norm, research suggests.
replica sunglasses,
In an article published in Nature Neuroscience today,replica sunglasses neurophysiologists Eric Trudel and Charles Bourque at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, Canada, propose a mechanism by which the body's circadian system, or internal clock, controls water regulation1. By allowing cells that sense water levels to activate cells that release vasopressin, a hormone that instructs the body to store water, the circadian system keeps the body hydrated during sleep.
aoc gold,
"We've known for years that there's a rhythm of vasopressin that gets high when you're sleeping.aoc gold But no one knew how that occurred. And this group identified a very concrete physiological mechanism of how it occurs," says Christopher Colwell, a neuroscientist who studies sleep and circadian rhythms at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.
age of conan power leveling,
The body regulates its water content mainly by balancing water intake through thirst with water loss through urine production.age of conan power leveling maple story mesos People don't drink during sleep, so the body has to minimize water loss to remain sufficiently hydrated. Scientists knew that low water levels excite a group of cells called osmosensory neurons, which direct another set of neurons to release vasopressin into the bloodstream. Vasopressin levels increase during sleep; clock neurons, meanwhile, get quieter.
aion gold,
Trudel and Bourque tested the idea that lower clock-neuron activity might allow osmosensory neurons to more easily activate vasopressin-releasing neurons,aion gold which would mean more water retention and less urine production during sleep.
To do this, they isolated thin slices of rat brain containing intact sensory, vasopressin-releasing and clock neurons. Even when removed from the brain, clock neurons continue to mark time.
The duo then stimulated the sensory neurons and recorded any electrical activity in the vasopressin-releasing neurons to monitor communication between the two cell groups. The researchers then moved on to look at the effect of the clock cells on this pathway. When they did not activate the clock cells during the 'sleep' part of their cycle, it was easier for the sensory cells to communicate with vasopressin-releasing cells. Conversely, when they activated the clock cells, this communication decreased markedly.
maple story mesos,
The results suggest that clock cells function as a dimmer switch for water control.maple story mesos When their activity is high, they prevent sensory cells from instructing secretory cells to release vasopressin. Then, when clock cells are less active, sensory cells can easily instruct secretory cells to release vasopressin, ensuring that the body holds on to its water reserves.
Colwell points out that the study was done in rats, which are nocturnal. Although the vasopressin cycle and clock-neuron activity are similar in rats and humans, the question of whether the same mechanism occurs in animals that sleep at night remains to be answered.
dog clothes,
"We show this for this one circuit,dog clothes but it's possible that clock neurons regulate other circuits in a similar manner and this remains to be studied," says Bourque. He speculates that future studies might reveal whether the same mechanism regulates hunger, sleepiness and other aspects of physiology related to circadian rhythms.


Dołączył: 23 Lis 2010
Posty: 5

Wysłany: 2010-11-23, 06:20     

Customized Clothing is a unique feature that can give someone a versatile look. Just imagine someone wearing clothes that do not suit him, I’m sure it will burst you laughing. Wearing Customized Clothing gives a quick review of anyone’s dressing sense.
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Customized Clothing has always been a major part of fashion trends. prom dresses In recent times rich used to get their Customized Clothing sewed from tailors and poor get their Customized Clothing sewed by themselves. The work of sewing Customized Clothing was done by professional tailors and the task of tailoring was carried on by several generations.
wedding dresses
But with the advent of 20th century the process of Customized Clothing completely changed.wedding dresses The tailors stopped making Customized Clothing for their customers and started grading sizes that means choosing standard sizes that would suit the wide rage of population.
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The invention of power loom further revolutionized the trend of customized clothing.wedding gowns Several clothing companies emerged that introduced the readymade garments in the market. These garments were better fit, better sewed, long lasting and economic than the other tailored garments.
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These Customized Clothings were sewed taking into consideration the standard size pattern.wedding dresses Various companies started developing their tags and logos for promotion of their companies.
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